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# Just a little bit about our team

Our company is a group of young and single-eyed guys who have found themselves in IT and can't stop before the huge stream of knowledge and modern technologies. We greedily absorb the latest trends and use them in our projects. It allows us to spend our time as effective as possible and do a great work.

We are working for enjoyment from the work and result. We are happy to listen satisfied feedbacks from out clients, which advise our company to their friends and colleagues. It's not a craftiness. It's the main reason which should lead us to success.

Most part of our team is Certified Magento developers which have 7+ years experience with Magento development.

During the latest 5 years we have been working with Magento2 and have a great experience in this sphere as well.

# Technologies

Proper usage of the following technologies allows us to save lots of time, optimize development processes and increase performance of your site.

# Services
Magento & Magento2 project management and development

Our team are engaged in development of websites on Magento and Magento2 frameworks - the most popular eCommerce platform ever. With this framework we are ready to implement whatever you want.


We also support already existing websites, analise and optimize them using contemporary tools, create comprehensive reports, do redesign and "devops".


We can integrate whatever service you want - Amazon, any payment system or ERP. Or we can advise already existed modules, setup and customize them.

Code audit and optimisation

We knows many ways to improve your site, starting from js/css minification and ending with installation of services to separate servers.

# Yeah, sometimes Magento is not enough...

In this case we are using other frameworks, specialized to certain issue - from blogs to CRM system.

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